Guy, 33 yo, single

Jaipur - India

[size=16px][size=12px] A guy who never hurts someone without any cause. A name which very down to earth & cool minded. Does it matter if he is so suffocated or paradox in any matter if it is his personal about to happened in past which affects his present. It meant to be so depression. Nobody can change. Miracle can’t happen. It is on your own decision or task which can change your destiny[f=#dddddd][c=#ff0022][g][font=Cursive][font=Arial Black][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font][/font][/font][/g][/c][/f][f=#999999][c=#ff0011][font=Sans-Serif][size=16px][/size][/font][/c][/f][/i][/g][/size][/size]

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  • - 29/04/2013


  • - 16/02/2011

    happy birthday .may god bless you[


  • Been here since: 29/12/2010
  • Last login: Yesterday at 5:35 PM
  • Status: Single
  • Here for: To make friends
  • Looking for: Guy and girl


  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Height: 5 ft 5 in
  • Weight: 132 lbs


  • Occupation: Employed
  • I live: At my parents'
  • Personality: Calm
  • My star sign : Aquarius
  • Smoke: No
  • I speak: English, Hindi, Punjabi

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